Relationships – The Account Balance

Relationships – The Account Balance

In life by the time most people are teenagers, they would have become aware of money and how it works, some more than others.
There are many lessons to learn, and they are learned at various stages in life.
Before birth, however, everyone learns about relationships and how vital they are to live.
Interestingly a lot of people forget this lesson as they progress in life, maybe not entirely but the manner of priority of relationships is forgotten sometimes and this often has grave results.

It’s so easy to find excuses until you catch yourself in a moment of truth If you’re lucky. For some others, it doesn’t in time and years down the line, after several painful episodes, they just might realise.

Now, to be clear, not all relationships are between two people, in fact, the most important relationship is between yourself and God, followed by the relationship you have with yourself. I’m not focusing on the relationship you have with God or others here, but the one with yourself. It’s important for you to have a balanced relationship with yourself. one where you have a clear appreciation of yourself and a true understanding of your needs – not in a selfish manner, but an objective, considerate interpretation of simple truths.

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