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Unraveling the Origin of “Monday”

Hello, Monday enthusiasts! Ever wondered how this day of the week got its name? 🤔 Let’s dive into a fascinating slice of history!

“Monday” finds its roots in Old English as “Monandæg,” which translates to “Moon’s day.” It’s named after the Moon, as Monday is associated with the celestial body that has captured the human imagination for centuries.

Why the Moon, you ask? Many ancient cultures followed lunar calendars, and Monday was dedicated to the Moon in their systems. The connection between the Moon and Monday is also apparent in other languages, like Spanish (“lunes”), French (“lundi”), and Italian (“lunedì”).

The Moon has always been a symbol of change, transition, and renewal, and Monday is no different. It marks the beginning of a new week, offering us a fresh start and the opportunity to set new goals and intentions.

So, as you embrace Monday, remember its celestial origins and the chance it brings to illuminate your week with new possibilities. 🌕✨

Tell us, what’s your favourite way to kickstart a Moon-day? Share your Monday rituals in the comments below!

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