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By Loyot2021 On May 19, 2021

Tips Avoiding failure Sometimes, avoiding failure is not as straightforward as it seems

By Loyot2021 On June 10, 2021

Today we have the fabulous Shubi!!!!👏👏👏 I really don’t know why Loving Mondays is putting me on the spot…

By Loyot2021 On June 10, 2021

I just got a text and upon closer examination, I realized it’s a scam! I have to admit I wonder if anyone will fall for it,….

By Loyot2021 On June 10, 2021

I’m sitting in the living room and having a discussion aka (gossip) about the crazy neighbours. And it suddenly occurs to me,…

By Loyot2021 On June 10, 2021

I’ll keep this simple. I’ve observed and studied a lot of people and I’ve found one thing to be consistent.

By Loyot2021 On June 10, 2021

I’d like to build this up and tell the story behind the heading, but I’ll keep it simple. If you had two wishes that a genie would grant you……


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Loving Monday has been quite inspiring to me. The words that comes from Loving Monday is inspirational and pushes me to aspire to affect lives positively. It’s a tonic that nourishes the mind and makes me to give my best in any thing in life. Loving Monday is always the right dose for anyone who wants to aim higher to achieve his dreams.

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