One alphabet two outcomes

I have to confess that I started speaking to myself before deciding to share this, I’ve spent a lot of time and resources developing solutions for individuals and businesses, so to discover that the biggest problems are sometimes the symptoms of the smallest issues can be a bit surprising, but the smallest issues resulting in the biggest outcomes also tend to be overlooked for just that reason.

So are you mindful? I mean its a simple question, when last did you intentionally eat, without doing something else by default? watching something on the phone or TV or talking even to someone not at the table with you..

When last did you drive or walk and take note of the surroundings in a mindful state, not multitasking (big scam by the way!) by being on the phone or planning something else unrelated to the journey?

This not being mindful, its having your mind full and still running ahead.

Can you remember being in a place, possibly a serene place.. River bank, forest walk or even your garden if you have the privilege?

Can you remember the feeling of peace and calm that came with intentionally going to that place an spending time there, almost as if escaping everything else and reconnecting with yourself?

That feeling, that beautiful refreshing feeling is Mindfulness. It may seem difficult to attain, but it’s actually quite simple if you know how to.

It’s sort of like riding a bicycle, something you have to be intentional about and consistent in practicing to master, but a joy once you’ve done it.

It makes a huge difference to everything that you do and with a little effort the benefits are phenomenal.

I will be speaking more about this and running a few classes very soon.


Take just 30 seconds, look at your present position and allow yourself to feel everything in the moment. empty your mind of any other thought apart from where you are.