Inside Your Thoughts

Inside Your Thoughts

It’s a surprising fact that most people ignore, Thoughts are POWERFUL! Ask anyone who has accomplished anything on earth, those accomplishments started as THOUGHTS, evolved into schedule and planning, then manifested as actions that others see as accomplishments that are celebrated.
So before you write yourself off, ask yourself, what are you THINKING, because ALL your thoughts are POSSIBLE.
Even if you can’t see the schedule or the plan, start thinking and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities that you find.

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    The other day I was listening to a lady sharing some inspirational thoughts via audio message in a WhatsApp forum that I belong to,
    I’d like to build this up and tell the story behind the heading, but I’ll keep it simple. If you had two wishes that a genie would grant you……
    It’s such a simple question, just one word, but it requires the most important answer. …

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