Be the Best You!

Be the Best You!

The other day I was listening to a lady sharing some inspirational thoughts via audio message in a WhatsApp forum that I belong to, I could almost imagine her face as she spoke with her words faltering a little bit and the pauses that most speakers don’t like to have but which seem to just magically appear whilst we speak 😉

Well, eventually she finished and interestingly about 10 people responded with…. criticism!!! I have been practising listening lately and I decided to apply myself to her recording.

I was quite surprised that in the midst of the accent, the faltering speech, the buzzing microphone and everything technically wrong with the audio, I still heard clearly a piece of advice that resonated with me.

It might have been a different time or different speaker or different choice of words, but something inside of me connected with the phrase ‘Know your limits, be yourself’ I had an interesting point of view – what if I had no limits . . . ? what would I achieve? what would be the best to come out of me?
I’ll leave at this point to let you ponder on those words are you the best that you can be? have you given yourself the best?


Are reminders that we are alive and on the path to success.

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